IRXN – The Band

The name IRXN is an old Bavarian one and stands for Power or Energy – and taking part in their performance is like refuel elemantary power.

The friction energy of apparent differences makes the music of this _Bavarian Band an explosive mixture, that is lightening both on CD and on stage: The lusty power of bavarian and celtic tradition, combined with the fervent spirit of Eastern-Europe influences meet the concentrated energy of modern rock – rather new sound-combinations are the result …

IRXN was founded in spring 2006 by Markus Traurig and Reinhold Alsheimer, who knew each other very well from various former projects. Since that time IRXN was able to spread the spirit and inspiring their fans playing numerous shows on festivals as well as in small clubs. They released five CDs, two Singles and are part of various Compilations.


The Munich
Vocals, Acoustic-Guitar



The Franconian Celt
E-Guitar. Acoustic-Guitar, Lute



The original Upper-Bavarian
E-Bass, Tuba, Contrabass, Horns



From Bavarian Siberia
Violin, Vocals



Crossing the Border
Drums, Cajón, Congas, Percussion


IRXN – The Music

The power, which gave the name and defines the style, is transparent in all our songs. Celtic, Eastern-Europe, old Bavarian and own melodies are merged with lyrics that are describing our life and groove with irony and humour.

Stories and thoughts – either ancient or contemporary – that are put into enthralling Bavarian idiom by Berni Maisberger. It’s irrelevant if one understands every single word of the lyrics as they are merged with describing arrangements in the music. Every listener is encouraged to create own interpretations of the impressions given by both melody and vocals.

IRXN surprises and convices also with steamy intstrumentals, that invite to dance or clap the beat. The impulsive beat of the rhythm section around the drummer Axel Knöll, Bass/Tuba-player Peter Gschwandtner and Guitar-player Reinhold Alsheimer is the ideal baseground for the fantastic melody hooks of Violin-player Trixi Weiss.

To describe the style of the band is nearly impossible as it’s a melting pot of the musicians very own Biographies. So let’s just call it short as ‘Celtic-Bavarian Hardfolk’. And diving deeper into the music one will realize more and more fascinating influences of Folkrock, from raw Punk to Classical Music. In the US the songs are promoted as ‘Volksmusik meets Metallica’.

Herbstlaub // IRXN - Herbstlaub
  1. Herbstlaub // IRXN - Herbstlaub