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Starting April we will do us the favour and escape into the catacombs of a recording studio. New songs are pushing for being released to... Read More
March 2017
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10 Years IRXN

It is really true – IRXN is looking back to a decade of bavarian-celtic Folk Rock! To celebrate this in a worthy manner we’ve found... Read More
October 2016

Into a hot summer!

The opening of the summer season on the Lied’Gut’ Open-Air in Scheyern was despite severe weather a great concert. IRXN, together with ‘Drei Männer nur... Read More
June 2016

Bavaria Vista Club im TV

Sieben Bands und ihre Musiker, und natürlich IRXN, sind die Protagonisten dieses Dokumentarfilms, der die individuellen musikalischen Wurzeln und Visionen erkundet und in den persönlichen... Read More
May 2016
Herbstlaub // IRXN - Herbstlaub
  1. Herbstlaub // IRXN - Herbstlaub