we stick together with the following

Qualified music school for kids, teens and adults

The best Singer-Songwriter out of Bavaria

Celtic Pagan-Folk at it’s best

Turbolenz: Bavarian, Honest, Great

Accoustic, chilled and honest Horst Biewald presents the Boarisch Groove

Tiger Willi: Life’s a Bitch

Michi Marchner: Poet, Thinker, Sophister – Solocabaret out of Bavaria

Bavarian Rock with deeper meaning and fun

Munich Singer-Songwriter and Cabaret Artist

Actor/Cabaret Artist

Art Design/Photograph

Concert- und Eventshots

Tuba S.: Photoart, Graphics and more


Photograph – Design – Calendars


The A and O for a chilled life

Friends and Projects

Rock against child pornography: We don’t want Your money, we want Your support!

ToyRun Mod e.V.: Biker supporting kids – regional help with money and donations in kind

Modern Web-Technology for a global social change

Imaginative Psychotherapy – Shaman awareness-trips and spiritual healing

Fan-Club against racism, Xenophobia, hate, violence and propaganda in football stadiums

The Art to help – helping the homeless


Feenfeuer introduces the magic world of light

Knights in Fire – Black Dragons

The Flair of traditional archers

Herbstlaub // IRXN - Herbstlaub
  1. Herbstlaub // IRXN - Herbstlaub