Irgendwo und Irgendwann

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about the album

We provide in these days of reviving Folk Rock a striking cornerstone along the way towards groove and autonomy with our 5th album  ‘Irgendwo und Irgendwann’.

This album is a successful mix of tradition and modern music. Songs of a couple of centuries and plenty of own material is inweaved to an album full of lust, struggles, hope, love and freedom.

Versatile melodies are supporting the Bavarian lyrics. These are diving deep into emotions and strike the core, showing clouds and sun, celebrating lust and love.

The rhythm vividly fills the legends about the outlawed Bavarian Hias or the insurrection against the authority as well as the calling to lust for life on the dancefloor. Fortune – and the searching for it, the way towards it with all those Ups and Downs, is the programme of this album. Freedom in thoughts and social affairs is the target, that gets an own dynamic on ‘Irgendwo und Irgendwann’.

In our distinctive and jolly IRXN-way we are singing and playing against great and minor fears, against misery and constraints. And especially the instrumentals encourage to clap the beat while living on the edge. A passionated album where everyone can explore a bunch of details: ‘Irgendwo und Irgendwann’.

Herbstlaub // IRXN - Herbstlaub
  1. Herbstlaub // IRXN - Herbstlaub