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23 November 2017

Szene Holledau

„Szene Holledau“ – a music project out of the region for the region
„Szene Holledau“ – new music from the Holledau

The Holledau is great. But not only the landscape but also the vivid music scene has much to offer! And inbetween we from IRXN!!!

Only a few may know what the music scene in this region offers and this will be brought to attention spreading the CD. The sale will NOT be via the known online-portals, the one buying shall buy it IN THE REGION or directly from the bands.

As additional benefit of this project 10% of the sales income will be given to the charity-intitution of „MoNa“ ( as they really need every Euro for their great work.












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  1. Herbstlaub // IRXN - Herbstlaub